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    Bangkok Dock Company Limited, a state in the control of the Navy. Ministry of Defence Navy Industrial Activity And industry continued a long time. With a history as follows.
    Bangkok Dock Company Limited, formerly known as "Bangkok Dock Co." was established in the year 2408 by an Englishman named Captain Bush or. Lord Visoot Dit Crop

     2484 has caused the Pacific War. Make the garage area and the neighborhood was bomb damaged and Japanese troops seized and controlled until the war ended. Navy agreed that Thailand should take advantage of this dry dock. Therefore, the acquisition of the British number one. Along with the Join operation ever since.
     2486 Bangkok Dock Co. was registered under the Civil and Commercial Code. A limited company on 8th October 2486, registration number 812, with registered capital was 10,671,100. - Baht.
     In 2500 the Navy has acquired all the shares of the new company and changed its name from Bangkok Dock Co., a Bangkok Dock Company Limited and changed its name in English as Bangkok Dock Co., Ltd, a Bangkok Dock Company (1957) Limited. 15 Nov 2500
     2521 shares of Bangkok Dock Company have all been approved for transfer to the Ministry of Finance as a shareholder resolution by Cabinet in 2522, the Navy transferred the shares to a total of 106,701 treasury shares. there is a share holder, borrowed (Transferred to the Executive Committee) as well as the Ministry of Finance has authorized 10 shares in the control and management policy for the Navy conducted according to the policies of the next government.
     2526 Cabinet approved the Bangkok Dock Company Limited is a state enterprise under the policies of the state. Established under the Civil and Commercial Code. Type of Munitions ( Changed to Industry ) in the control of the Navy. Ministry of Defense Operated in a commercial. ( Department of Defense Authority to control the policy and administration of the fleet. By order of the Ministry of Defence, 389/29 , dated May 2, 29 )
     2532 Ministry of Finance Approved the Bangkok Dock Company can recapitalize the company. The total registered capital of 10,670,100 . - Baht money transfer from retained earnings is 89,328,900 . - Baht registered capital has increased. 100,000,000. - Baht or a number of shares equal to 1,000,000 shares ( par value of 100 Baht ) will be holding the two parts of the Ministry of Finance holds 999,990 shares and the Committee borrowed hold 10 shares and is registered as a limited company . on 17 May 32 no. 0105486000315
     Establishment in 2555 now has moved to a new location. Lease of state land in the area between the garage and dock Navy Mahidol Adulyadej Sattahip district, Chonburi.