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History of the Bangkok Dock Company. Sattahip, Chonburi.

At present, the Navy Navy Navy Branch Bangkok Mahidol Adulyadej was performed. Some of the tenants Navy Navy Mahidol Adulyadej Sattahip area of 44 rai 2 ngan. For use as a principal place of business. And expansion of ship building and ship repair as well as international market.

Dock Company Limited, Bangkok Branch Office Navy Shipyard Limited Mahidol Adulyadej. Will perform various repair ships for the Navy then. Bangkok Dock Company, the project was done in collaboration with the private sector.Project

     Bangkok Dock Company Limited is an enterprise engaged in the control of the shipyard and the Navy. The company is located on the eastern side of the river. In the area of Sathon Bangkok Between the bridge and the bridge on the south side to the north side of King. And away from the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, a distance of about 45 kilometers.

     Bangkok Dock Company shipyard business since before World War 2 , the current is vital to repairing and shipbuilding industries of the country. Due to the large garage garage of a group that can not dock a large ship repair . And the company is very important to the Navy . since it is Navy Reserve for repairs a warship with a lot more than the ability of the Navy Department of the Navy.

     In the past 10 years, the New York Dock Company, faced with a less lucrative business of the shipyard. Due to the location of the garage does not have the right to do business. Current shipyard Bangkok Dock Company because customers need to ship through the water traffic on the Chao Phraya estuary seated . And having the bridge is scheduled to open only twice a week . When the repair is complete, it must wait for the bridge to open , so it will take a boat out into the Gulf of Thailand is another problem related to the operating performance of the company . Neighborhood with residential space is very crowded making. Companies can not operate Effectively shipyard Due to air pollution in different ways until it has received complaints from the surrounding community were repeatedly Secondly, the company is less profitable . The structure of the business is not conducive to modern business. The rules are similar to those of government hindering business.

     Bangkok Dock Company aims to extend its capabilities to repair vessels up to 20,000 DWT. Due to the large market of the future ship repair and shipbuilding industries are important to the country.

     Currently in Bangkok Dock Company has leased certain areas of the Navy at Sattahip Navy Mahidol Adulyadej total area 44 acres for use as a principal place of business. And expansion of ship building and ship repair. Including international markets